Nearly Yes, Only You - H_NGM_N Press


Lovesick Come Without A Horizon Plunge - T Magazine

Leg Me. Light Thing I Look At Bowl, Skin Width - Poetry Society of America

Nothing To Do. Endless Scatters By Sight - Two Peach

The Smash Above - 7x7

Till Morning My Head And Why - Prelude

Butterscotch Snot In Pine Tree Weeds - Prelude

Bits of Sky Construction. White Begs to Be - Prelude

The Honey Lump Watched From Here Goes On - Prelude

Abbreviation Add to Their Height. Was - Prelude

Had Everything Without Shadow Unset - Prelude

Shake the Sing Lightly None Talk. Didn't - Prelude

A Clara in my Throat Smash Wholes Us Lovely- Prelude

Loll Look Without Our Legs. How Artful - SAND

All Awning and Bugle Still I Hope You Nearness - The Iowa Review

Ode to Gravity - Kettle Blue Review

Some Swan Headless Moves Into the Sun- Kettle Blue Review

Voice: Red Turnip, Unnoticed Float, Crown On - Petri Press

White Drapes Between, Fill Up The Climate. Remove - Petri Press

Snow Flower Wag Holds The Day Here Beneath - Petri Press

Wild Clot With Wind Out; Altogether Glancing - Petri Press

Whom Love Pries Paisley Apart - Petri Press

Still Be I Can't Wait White Flowers Backward - Jet Fuel Review

Singly Watch The Smoke Bloat The Pear - Jet Fuel Review

Magenta In Bits, A Flower From The Ceiling Set - Jet Fuel Review

One Hand In The Fig Basket - Boston Review

Victoria! How Mulberries Flake - Fifth Wednesday Journal

Party Animals - Fifth Wednesday Journal

O asterisk, unmurk my night's volume. - Likestarlings

Umbel a blizzard - Likestarlings

Nautilus and spade, - Likestarlings

Awards and Others

2014 - Pushcart Prize Nomination

2013 - "Discovery"/Boston Review National Poetry Contest Winner

2012 - Third-Year Fellowship, Iowa Writers' Workshop

2011-2012- Teaching-Writing Fellowship, Iowa Writers' Workshop

2011 - Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship Finalist

2010 - James A. Michener Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin